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Upcycling, Creative Reuse and simple Reuse are all practices that prevent secondhand materials from ending up in the landfill when they

can be used by others.


It’s an excellent and environmentally preferred alternative that helps preserve

our planet's resources.


our Goals

  • To reduce waste by offering  a reliable source for of gently used art supplies, manufacturing remnants, and upcycled items for artists, teachers, crafters, DIYers, parents, kids  and everyone  who wants to live more sustainably.

  • To educate the public about the power of Creative Reuse through workshops and classes.


  • To support our warehouse operation by the sale of donated materials at affordable prices.

Upcycling involves creating something of greater value than that of the original material. Imagine old tires made into sandals.  An upcycled product generally starts as used, old or discarded material that is cleverly or artistically  transformed into something more valuable.

Creative Reuse means that something is being Reused in a new and different way. Think of using an orphaned sock as a twine dispenser or discarded CD's made into a wind chime.

Simple Reuse is something most of us do every day. We hand down clothing, Reuse bows and boxes and save leftovers to combine in a new dish.


There's still a lot of creative life in  a ball of yarn, a  fabric remnant, and an open box  of sidewalk chalk. And now there's a place to donate (and buy) these

kinds of materials. Introducing...

 Retake/Remake Warehouse

The Hat Factory #9

1000 N. Division Street

Peekskill, NY 10566

By donating your  gently used art supplies, we'll keep them out of the waste stream and give them new life. And buying your art supplies from us helps save our planet's  valuable resources too!

the concept

Retake/Remake embraces all forms of Reuse. We are most interested in creating a connection that makes Reuse your first choice for consuming.

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