To promote creative reuse, environmental awareness and community by providing affordable, reclaimed art materials



our Goals

  • To reduce waste by offering  a reliable source for gently used art supplies, manufacturing remnants, and upcycled items for artists, teachers, crafters, DIYers, parents, kids  and everyone  who wants to live more sustainably.

  • To educate the public about the power of Creative Reuse through workshops and classes.


  • To support our warehouse operation by the sale of donated materials.

the concept

There's still a lot of creative life in  a ball of yarn, a yard of fabric, or a bag of sidewalk chalk. But where can you donate (and buy) these kinds of materials?

Say "Hello" to the

Retake/Remake Warehouse!

By donating your  gently used art supplies, we will keep them out of the landfill and give them

new life.  And buying your art supplies from us helps save our planet's  valuable resources too!



This summer we "weighed in" over 500 lbs of materials that were destined for the landfill and provided it to community organizations, teachers and artists.
We incorporated, received our 501c3 status, and have found an amazing warehouse space in Peekskill that will be opening in early 2022! We are excited to work with all of you to make LESS WASTE and MORE ART. We'll keep you updated through our Social Media.

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interested in the idea?
Get involved, volunteer, or donate goods. welcome to creative reuse!

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