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To promote creative reuse, environmental awareness and community by providing affordable, reclaimed art materials




To reduce waste by offering  a reliable source of gently used art supplies, manufacturing remnants, and upcycled items for artists, teachers, crafters, DIYers, parents, kids  and everyone  who wants to live more sustainably.

To educate the public about the power of Creative Reuse through workshops and classes.


To support our warehouse operation by the sale of donated materials at affordable prices.


We need your help!

We rely on volunteers to do most of the work that is needed to run a non-profit whose goal is to optimize our give back to the  Creative Community. Learn more about the ways to get involved on our Volunteer page.

looking ahead

On February 19, we celebrated our first year of promoting Creative Reuse in the Hudson Valley! Thanks to our donors, shoppers, volunteers and "cheerleaders" who have been instrumental in our success. We plan to extend our store hours, offer more classes and do more outreach to spread the word about the sustainable practice of Reuse and Repurposing.  Here's to a great year ahead!


The best way to keep informed about what's in the warehouse and shopping hours is to

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Less Waste = More Art!

Our warehouse in Peekskill, NY,  is a place to donate, shop and be inspired by an ever-changing inventory of affordable arts and crafts materials. We always have fabric,  notions, yarn, paper, cards, envelopes, markers, crayons, pencils, stencils, stickers, stamps, office supplies and a lot of unexpected things too! Our donations are sourced from a community of eco-conscious people and companies who know the value of their supplies  for Creative Reuse.  Be prepared to spend some time. You never know what you'll find.



New Hours!




The Hat Factory-#9

1000 N.Division Street

Peekskill, NY 10566

DONating supplies

Your generous donations of maker material is what makes our store inventory so unique and affordable.  We want to make the process as easy as possible for everyone.

Drive down the left side of the building to #10. Park right in front and a volunteer will help unload your donation.  We track our positive environmental impact by weighing donations and recording by zipcode.

Please remember: We accept arts and crafts supplies only. Any "pre-sorting" of your donation is greatly appreciated! 

 Donation Day 






with your help

we have diverted

27,207 pounds

of Art supplies from the waste stream!

Retake/Remake is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) environmental arts organization. All proceeds from the sale of donated materials go directly back to maintaining the warehouse and educating the public about Creative Reuse.

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