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ways to help

AT THE WAREHOUSE: Do you love to sort, clean and organize? Are you unafraid of boxes labeled "Miscellaneous?" You'll love working on our donation team. We need people who can commit to a weekly schedule and others who have some occasional time to give. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: Are you an Instagram, Facebook or Social Media Lover. Do you know the ins and outs of website design? We need more people to help spread the word on what we do.  

SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE: Are you an artist or craftsperson who'd like to help people experience the joy of making things? Come teach a class. Do your part to promote creative empowerment!

OTHER STUFF: Not quite sure where you fit in, but know you want to be part of the Reuse movement? We've got so many ways you can truly help us. Let's talk.



Thanks for helping us create Less Waste  and  More Art

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