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We assess our needs by what we have in stock. Please help us optimize our processing of materials by following the Donation Guidelines.

  • ​Paints: acrylic, craft paint, watercolors, oils

  • Ink, printmaking supplies

  • Clay tools

  • Wood: spools,clothespins, dowels , craft sticks

  • Film Canisters, photographic slides, film strips

  • Scissors, hole punches, glue sticks, glue guns

  • Crafting notions

  • Embroidery Floss

  • Drawing supplies: crayons, pencils, oil pastels, chalk, markers

  • Jewelry Making: Beads, findings, string, wire

  • Journals/Notebooks,

  • Yarn, knitting and crochet supplies


  • Sewing notions: needles, pins, zippers, buttons, elastic, thread

  • Gift bags, tissue paper 

  • Vintage paper, packaging, photos and magazines

  • Maps

  • Stickers

  • Paint Brushes

  • Art paper: watercolor, sketch, canvas, drawing

  • Sketchpads

  • Foam Core, Cardboard

  • Postcards

  • How-to and Coloring Books

  • Office Supplies


 We will not accept any items on the list below.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Christmas Decorations/Lights

  • Greeting Cards 

  • Older Upholstery Fabric

  • Art Books 

  • Large Photo Albums

  • Paint Samples, Leftover House Paint

  • Clothing including purses/totes

  • Hardware, construction material.

  • Mats of all sizes

  • Vases, Planters

  • NO Glass

  • Magazines (vintage allowed)

  • Plastalina Molding Clay

  • Partially completed sewing projects.

  • Partially finished needlework.  

  • Partially finished knitting projects.

  • Large Frames with unstable glass

  • Takeout container

  • Household Textiles including  tablecloths, curtains, bedspreads, slipcovers, etc.

  •  Hanging File Folders, File folders

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Computers

  • Small electronics

  • Bedding

  • Candles, Home Decor

  • Incomplete Crafting Machines      (missing essential parts for use)

  • Nothing soiled, broken or mildewed beyond the point of reuse. (please help protect our volunteers  by disposing of these at your own home.)

We weigh in your donations by town zip code to show our positive environmental impact of reducing waste in your town. Due to limited space, we cannot accept the items that are on the  "WHAT NOT TO GIVE" list and ask that you consult the list before donating to avoid disappointment.
Thanks for your understanding.
Sorting your donation into categories makes it easier (and quicker) to get your stuff out into the world again. Our broad categories are PAPER, FABRIC/SEWING, YARN/FIBER,  JEWELRY, 

have questions ABOUT YOUR DONATION?

email us at

To find a good second home for the donations we cannot accept:

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